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Dr. Sangita Mitra

(Biologist, Environment Professional and Author)

Dr. Sangita Mitra is an environment professional with more than a decade's experience of working at Governmental and Non-Governmental sector. As a trained biologist, she preferred field science in her early career and has special interests for animal species. It is difficult to describe her versatile ways of looking at conservation world. Her dedication to the Natural world does not need to say anything. It is her work that describes everything. Dr. Sangita has several publications in her credit.


(Wildlife Photographer and Author)

By profession Koushik is absorbed with his photographic career. A passionate wildlife photographer and an ardent lover of snakes, he had many real experiences with venomous snakes in different region. Rescue of wild creatures like birds, small mammals, reptiles are almost like a part of his regular activities whenever any service is required from him in his locality. His exquisite illustrations on canvas remain unnoticed these days for his greater romance with nature and natural lives along with numerous snaps captured from the laps of nature. Koushik's photographs are often those which record a 'decisive moment' and show wild creatures in the context of their natural habitat, sometimes with an element of simplicity.