Welcome to Naturism

This is dedicated to all those who made or intend to make positive difference for this living planet ... 

Mother Nature is in multiple threats from mankind. Every living system on earth is vulnerable to man’s countless follies. The potential of mighty 8 billion living individuals of one species on earth brought a paradigm shift in the natural balance. Nature knows no frontiers and one day or the other; all will have to face the fury. No human ingenuity and technical excellence are capable of recreating nature’s marvel and the product of nearly 4.5 billion years of evolution.

It is high time that every human being believes and regards the rules and laws of nature. Man is blessed with so many powers to make a paradise on earth or leaving hell for future generations. What we are living with is the result of human choices and was not imposed on us. Making wiser and better choices could change this. It’s never too late or too less - each one has potential to contribute in whichever way he/she can.

Naturism holds the idea of living in harmony with nature and striving with every little action to bring more and more like-minded people closer to this belief. A group of young professionals and amateurs in “Naturism” with similar ideology are truly committed to stop destruction of mother earth. We are running out of time fighting and debating who’s done what and right now need to share our responsibilities for bringing change within ourselves and around us.

Naturism invites all to share their concepts, concerns and achievements towards protecting this wonderful planet. There’s only one earth left for us. Give her chance.